What's this about?

Published byMartin on February 11th 2013

"The Shards" is a larp set in postapocalyptic sci-fi for forty players. The overall dramatic form is tragedy. There were six iterations during 2012 and 2013 in a modified civil defense bunker on the outskirts of Prague. There will be no further iterations, but there is another similar game in progress. If you intend to attend, please contatc us via e-mail: or follow us at Facebook.


What was the game like?

It was a political, gamist larp with dramatic elements taking place in sci-fi setting, probably unlike anything you've ever seen in a czech larp. The players were really well compensated for their hard earned money, starting with silicon masks, costumes, computer projections, an in-game database, a robot and at last but not least, a tragical and dark story of the collapsing galactic civilization. In fact it's such a big portion, we've dedicated a whole page for the in-game technologies.

Game objectives

The larp is set to be a gamistic experience with some dramatic elements, although it's not possible to win it. It's a tragedy, so don't expect your character to survive or solve his problems. It's much more likely to experience even bigger, unexpected trouble, which will radically change the direction of the game. If your character has a dark secret, it's your task to reveal it, not to keep it until the very end.

"The Shards" aims to create a hopeless atmosphere of decay and isolation, using as immersive decayed high-tech environment as possible.

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If you still need info about the game, please check the Q&A section.

Game report

LARP foundation

This project was financially supported by the LARP foundation, which has our never-ending thanks.